We’re Still Here – And We’re Using Our Oils Like Crazy!

Have we neglected the blog a bit? Maybe. Have any of you? Absolutely not! It’s so appreciated and we see you, so with that in mind I’m trying to get a grip here and write some new blog posts. Was it writer’s block? Moving into my new house? Cycling like a madwoman? Could have been all of the above honestly. Maybe!

One thing I haven’t slipped up on was using my oils. If anything I’ve only gotten to using them more. I diffuse daily in my home for every reason under the sun. The refresh a room, to ward off illness or to mix a blend that smells like a spiced chai (that’s what’s in my diffuser today) LOL! There are so many reasons and no reason is silly. Each little blend you make can have so many positive affects on your body and mind why wouldn’t you be diffusing constantly? Diffusing is one of my favorite ways to utilize my oils if I haven’t said that before. I kicked chemical filled candles a long time ago as they started to give me really bad headaches so you might even find a diffuser in every room around my house.
I have a lot of oils and some almost untouched so I’ve been challenging myself lately to use these oils I rarely grab for. I’d like to also start highlighting some of that here on the blog so that’s something you can expect from me in the future. You know – there’s just some oils you grab for on a daily basis and they become a habit but all of the oils are an amazing tool if you just use them.
Just wasted to pop in to say we are still here, and we are really going to get some new amazing things out to you soon so hang in there! You won’t be disappointed!!