About Emily:

Hello! Nice to meet you–I’m Emily. I am a wife, mother and daughter from Memphis, Tennessee. I started my journey with essential oils a few years ago but have just started to get consistent with them in the last year. I have a strong desire to reduce the toxic load in my household and use natural solutions in as many cases as possible. Plus I just love how great essential oils smell, how cost-effective they are (closet budgeting nerd over here), and how convenient they are. Some of my favorite oils are OnGuard, Breathe, SerenityBalance and Cheer. I love all things DIY, being a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and self-proclaimed “family physician,” working out, gardening and photography. I’m so glad you stopped by to find out more about essential oils! We’re here to help. :]

About Lauren

About Lauren:

Hello! I’d like to introduce myself-I’m Lo, or if you want to be more formal Lauren!

I have a feeling if you’re coming to check out this blog we have something in common…essential oils!! However, I’d like to tell you a little about myself before we go any further! I’m a born and raised Buffalo, New Yorker who now lives in Nashville, Tennessee! I work for a well-established shoe company as an Athletics Merchandiser. I worked in a retail location for eleven years, and have been merchandising for two. I have two dogs and a cat. A weimaraner-greyhound mix named Captain, a lab-heeler mix named Oreo, and a kitty named Franklin! I love them all so very much!

So let’s get to why we are all really here! OILS!! What really got me interested were my crippling migraines but once I realized all the benefits of so many oils I was HOOKED! I needed to know as much information as I could get right then and there. So I slowed my roll a bit and focused on just a handful of oils. Some of the oils I started off with were Lavender, Douglas Fir, Lime, Peppermint, and Frankincense. When I started to realize that the uses of these oils are endless my creative side started to run wild! So come back to see what we cook up on the blog!


***UPDATE (8/14/17)***


Hey y’all!  So we’ve realized that yes we ALL love oils here but let’s talk a bit about us for a moment!  I bet some of you want to know where That Midnight Oil even came from, huh?  Well, buckle up because I’m about to have story time.

So Emily and I used to work for the same company. She has moved back to her hometown of Memphis, and I am still here in Nashville, TN. Being three hours apart from my new oil partner in crime frightened me!  Before I get into the actual oil part of this entry I need y’all to know we actually almost had a blog based on the ideas of a partial Paleo blog, but then the lightbulb went on and an oil blog it was, and the rest is history.  Okay kidding–please keep reading!  

It hasn’t been that long since Emily introduced me to Essential Oils, and quickly we became great pals with the same love/passion for helping people. Within two weeks of starting my oil journey we came up with the idea of That Midnight Oil. I have to hand it to Emily, though. I’ve been on board since day one, but she really had some ideas and got the ball rolling fairly quick. No complaints here. We had a system in place and it’s still working. Once she moved away I saw how easy it would be for us to continue on our blogging adventures. Yes she may not be a fifteen minute drive from my house anymore, but that’s why we have technology, right??

I realized right away we were the perfect pair as we both care about the same things, but our main focus on oils has two different takes. Emily and I both could blog just about anything however I like to take more of the DIY skincare/beauty routine to the next level and she really focuses on how oils can really help you and your family get to a safe and natural way of living. Now as I said before, we both have interests in all topics, but it’s the way it falls and it’s working for us. We are both extremely supportive for what the other is dreaming up and all ideas are executed wonderfully. 

We constantly bounce ideas off each other and talk out a lot of topics. We try and decide what to post next and how to get our audience engaged in conversation with us. We are always looking for ways to improve and ways to grow. As always, we would love your comments or even ask us to blog about topics important to you. We will do the dirty work and find out as much as we can!  We have so much fun with this blog and the Instagram. 

So I’d like to ask something of each and every one of you who checks in with our blog and our iG:  please hang around and grow with us!  We will always answer your questions, and be here for support!  We would even love to have y’all toss ideas our way!

Until next time–