BUILDING A BUSINESS & Living a Life You Love

I get this question a lot. Why doTERRA?

I didn’t think I would do doTERRA as a business. Well, I was interested in learning about it and was desperately seeking some financial freedom at the time, but I was more interested in using the products myself. That was around a year ago–fast forward 365 days and things are so different! My husband and I moved to my hometown–Memphis, Tennessee, sold our house in Nashville, paid all our debts, and started new jobs. Now that we are out of debt, we can focus on other things that are important to us, like saving money and securing our family’s future. And our passions! I just feel so much more mentally freed up since getting out of debt! Now I want to build with doTERRA.

When I first learned of doing doTERRA as a business, I never dreamed I would see it as my full-time job, there was just no way! BUT now that I have put a solid 7 months into it, I can see the clear path to success laid before me. Most of all, working on this business with my friends has been so fun! It’s challenging and exciting and fulfills that desire I have to control my financial well-being and do something in my free time that is fun but also benefits us in so many ways. My friends who are doing this business with me and I have weekly video chats through a building program we’re doing called PrElite and that has been a great excuse to see each other, stay in touch and cheer people on.



One of the most rewarding things about doing this as a business is seeing people benefit from the oils you are putting into their hands–feeling that gratitude is one of the best feelings ever. I have a deep desire to help people whenever I can and this business really scratches that itch for me. And since I’m going to be passing on the good word about oils and the good work doTERRA is doing anyway, why wouldn’t I want to get paid for something I’m going to be doing either way? Getting compensation for passing on the word about oils and helping people understand how to use them and maximize their memberships allows me to spend more time on it!

One thing that drives me to be financially independent is so I can spend more time with my family. Life is just too short and loved ones are just too precious to let those opportunities pass you by. My dream is to work 20-30 hours a week (whenever I want–2 hours here, 1 hour there, 4 hours here, 30 minutes there) and spend the rest of my time either with my loved ones or practicing self-love in solitude! I don’t do enough of that and it is so important.

I also get this question a lot: HOW do you do this as a business?


Well, what’s so great about doTERRA is that they’ve set up so many different things to benefit the building Wellness Advocate, both starting out as a brand new builder as well as the seasoned Wellness Advocate! Let’s start out with newbies.

-You get 20% commission off all new members’ orders for the first 60 days, called Fast Start Commission. This can really add up, especially if you have a class and 5 people all decide to sign up with a kit. This commission is paid weekly (for the week prior) so you get this money in your hands FAST–and it can literally pay for the oils you buy in the same month if you so choose.

-You get 25% off all retail sales. While retail is not the way to go for most, occasionally people just want one oil and they don’t want to hear about a membership or discounts or anything–they just want a bottle of oil and that’s it. While this might be disappointing or frustrating to someone who strives to get people the most for their money, some people just want to keep it simple for sake of convenience–let them!

-You get a $50 bonus if 3 people who you’ve signed up place 100 PV worth of orders in the same month. This is a great bonus to shoot for if you really need to get your oils covered every month but don’t have time to teach classes. This bonus maxes out at $1500 monthly when you have 3 people, your 3 have 3, and all 3 of their 3 have 3. I know I’m oversimplifying but just go with me here. Comment if you need more info!

-After a new member’s first 60 days, you begin to receive regular, or Unilevel commission on them, from 2-7% on everything they order. FOREVER. Two percent is paid to you for those members on your first level, and that increases one percent for each level until you get to the 7th level and everyone on the 7th level and below, you make 7% every order they ever place. Forever. Unilevel commission starts out being the smallest part of your income but as you builds, ends up being the biggest part of your income. I’m so excited for the long game!

-There are all these other leadership bonuses you can get too once you continue to build but I’m just not there yet so I don’t even get it all yet! I’m just gonna let it motivate me once I get a little closer.








See all the ways you can make money just doing something you love? It can really start to add up as you build and those under you build. WANT TO BUILD WITH US? We have an excellent team of mentors above us, and we are a fun crew who believes in education and self-expression. All you have to do is email us, comment below or go here and sign up! Once you do that, I will contact you shortly with next steps.


My first goal is to hit Executive by September 30, 2017 (average monthly income: $200)–I will keep you guys updated here! ***UPDATE: I did it!!

I’d like to hit Platinum (average monthly income: $6,000) by Sept 30, 2019. If this happens, I can and be fully self-employed if I so choose (as can my husband!). 

What are your financial goals? What do you think of building a business with doTERRA? What about with US?! We’d love to hear from you below.

Your Sister in Oils,