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  1. I have a lot of essential oils at home. I heard they have a lot of benefits to the body so I kept a whole bunch at home. I love them and they smell very nice too. I heard that they can also be used as a natural way to repel insects. Whether you’re growing plants in your garden or helping out your baby these things can actually help. Are there any essential oil’s that you recommend? I would really want to know because I am a fan of it

    1. Hi Win! Thanks for your comment. :] What types of things would you like to use essential oils for? They are great for sleep, relaxation, rejuvenation, balancing the body and mind and so much more. Comment here or email me at emily@thatmidnightoil.com and we will get you set up!

  2. Love the name!

    How about making the My Business Story a separate page? When I first came to the sight it was confusing, because I really wasn’t sure what it was about. By taking that posting and creating a separate page, you could provide information and incentive for folks who might want to join and allow visitors to know that they could be shopping for products by going to the SHOP tab.

    The ABOUT tab is interesting, but it doesn’t really tell me how you two work together. How did you meet? What brought you to this point in time? Who does what?

    Overall, it is an interesting place to visit with a lot of great information.

    1. Janet, 

      Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it and totally love the idea to add the Business post to a different section–I can see where it would be discombobulating for someone new to the page. And it’s definitely time Lauren and I add more info about ourselves and how we interact–we will do that for sure. 


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