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The world of essential oils is vast–one might even say infinite. It can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here are few pointers to get you started.

Essential Oils Can Be Used Aromatically: This might be the most widely known use of essential oils. They’ve been used for thousands of years in this way. Diffusing essential oils can uplift your mood, clean the air, clear a headache, and make your house smell amazing. But HOW do I use oils aromatically, you ask? There’s lots of ways, but the most popular is by using an essential oil diffuser. For a quick mood boost, try diffusing 4 drops of doTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend.

Essential Oils Can Be Used Topically: Yep, you can put them on your body. In small amounts, usually diluted in a carrier oil. You can apply them to the part of your body that is causing you to want to use the oil (if your elbow hurts, rub the oils into your elbow), or, when in doubt, apply to your wrists (great for aromatic purposes as well as getting the oils into your bloodstream by entering your veins), back of neck, or bottoms of feet (for babies kids, we like to recommend application to the spine so as to greatly reduce the chances of them rubbing their hands in the oil and ingesting it or getting it into their eyes). A great example of this is applying doTERRA DigestZen Digestive Blend diluted to your tummy for an upset stomach.

Essential Oils Can Be Used Internally: Can you believe it?  High-quality essential oils can be ingested for purposes of boosting your immune system, promoting restful sleep, aiding in weight loss, and so many other reasons. There are several ways to do this. Some people may want to drop one drop of the oil under their tongue for a quick boost (Frankincense is great for overall support), you could mix a drop or two into your juice or water (Lemon is great for this–it helps with cleansing the body), or if you want it even easier and tasteless, you could go with taking essential oils as a supplement–either by purchasing a ready-made softgel, or buying empty veggie caps and putting your oil oils within them. OR, as if that wasn’t enough uses, you can cook with essential oils! Drop a drop of powerful Oregano essential oil into your pan while you’re cooking chicken and check out what happens–oregano chicken, with all the benefits of fresh oregano! Try a drop or two of Lemon essential oil in your shrimp while cooking–instant lemon shrimp. You get the gist of this. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Aside from all these uses, essential oils can be used in making beauty products, cleaning products, products for your pets, and the list goes on.

As you can tell, we love essential oils and our goal here is to write about ways to use them and their benefits. Thanks for stopping by!

Your sisters in essential oils,

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